Recovery Ride


Recovery ride

Carbon Acrylic
Less rigid orthotic shell
Heel Lift
EVA, permanent heel lifter – 4mm drop
Top Cover
EVA, Single-colored, Perforated, double LAR-Midlayer
Foot Support
100% anatomical
Front Part
EVA, double-layer

Ideal for:

  • Daily use by highly committed athletes, who perform high training volume and they are looking for fast musculoskeletal recovery, while staying active throughout the day.
  • When morning stiffness persists, on tissues around the ankle and foot, during first steps after waking up (Achilles, posterior tibial, periostitis, heel spur, plantar aponeurosis, sesamoid bones, metatarsals, plantar plateau).
  • Use in ultra-distance races on asphalt, or mountain without extremely steep slopes, by athletes with a documented predisposition to musculoskeletal injuries (chronic cortisone/statins use, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, long history of recurrent injuries).
  • Daily life activities, easy active-recovery runs, long hikes.
  • Professions with intense standing/walking (+/- safety shoes).

ASCLEPIUS facilitates the blood circulation in the lower limb and thus limits the hemolysis phenomenon, which leads to a temporary drop in the hematocrit (from the destruction of red blood cells circulating, through the blood circulation, under the foot). It relieves sensitive tissues under the foot (fat pad, heel spur, metatarsal), while also relieving the Achilles tendon and plantar aponeurosis.

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Materials & Methods

Ceramic Top Cover

Top Cover

  • Strong ceramic print adds excellent wear resistance, preserves the cover color, and delivers outstanding anti-slip performance
    Special channels in the coating design redirect moisture deep into the material, maintaining a dry and comfortable climate inside the shoe
  • In case the shoe becomes wet, maximum yet safe anti-slip properties are automatically activated
    Foot stability inside the shoe, thereby preventing excessive and uncomfortable tightening of the laces
  • Enhances the ‘drive’ and ‘grip’ of sports shoes over time
  • It offers unparalleled comfort during long-term use and prevents blackened nails, blisters, and calluses from forming
  • It minimizes the unnecessary activity of the accessory foot muscles, thus improving running economy and preventing toe muscle cramps
  • It protects against foot twisting (ankle sprain) inside the shoe and on technical terrain with extremely steep slopes (foot sprain).

LAR-Midlayer - “Reads” Athlete’s Needs


An innovative product of nanotechnology is embedded into every orthotic model we produce, placed between the orthotic shell and the ceramic upper cover. This midsole transforms the orthotic shell into a “living organism” that can adjust its properties by “reading” the athlete’s instantaneous needs.

  • It changes its compressibility in response to variations in the rate or intensity of the compressive loads, a feature termed “Load Adaptive Response” (LAR)
    Under mild exercise conditions, the LAR-Midlayer remains soft, ensuring the athlete enjoys a comfortable and restful experience
  • During intense activity, the LAR-Midlayer becomes rigid, unveiling the unique properties of the carbon orthotic shell, like bending, twisting, and compression stiffness, without any compromise
  • It greatly mitigates the tissue vibration resonance phenomenon — responsible for neuromuscular fatigue which can lead to muscle cramping, tendinopathy, periostitis, and bone swelling
  • It reduces the metabolic “debt” accrued during training, aiding in optimal musculoskeletal recovery between frequent training sessions

Orthotic Shell Design - Straight from the Future


An individual and unique mold is created after foot scanning. Using this mold, the orthotic shell is constructed, allowing for customization with millimeter precision to ensure a completely safe and ergonomic fit.

  • Guided by AI, we employ a unique combination of weaving and overlapping techniques on the mold using pre-impregnated (with aerospace-standard resins) carbon, Kevlar, and nylon fabrics. These materials are then cured in an oven under vacuum pressure conditions
  • Each orthotic shell exhibits diverse and case-specific properties in terms of rigidity and elasticity along different motion planes
  • It reduces the rate of progressive deterioration of the sports shoe’s characteristics, especially during activities of extended duration or through cumulative use over time
  • Our super lightweight construction offers unmatched durability. It doesn’t break, deform, and therefore never requires replacement

Innovative Orthotic Forefoot Design


The human foot is rich in nerves, blood vessels, and other sensitive tissues. That’s why the design of the front part of the orthosis is crucial for us; it shouldn’t merely aim to occupy space within the shoe. Through modifications to the 3D printing process, we have achieved two practically incompatible conditions. The anterior part of the orthotic insole enhances the construction’s performance (bending/torsion resistance, stability, and drive) while simultaneously providing comfort and safety to the sensitive tissues beneath the metatarsals.

  • Progressive layering printing, which optimizes load distribution
    Custom-curve formation in printing, facilitating the forward movement of the foot (drive)
  • AI-driven printing orientation allows for case-specific, mixed properties along different motion planes
  • Intelligent cell network design in the broader area of the metatarsals (with varying geometric shapes for each case) enhances the construction’s bending and torsion resistance while maintaining elasticity in compression to protect the metatarsals from compressive forces
  • Customized design suitable for use in various sports and on different terrains, including indoor halls, roads, and technical trails

Removable Parts - Fully Customized Experience

Heel lift

The rear, flat-bottomed heel lifter is printed with pre-defined specifications to guarantee an ergonomic and stable fit of the orthotic insole inside the shoe. Importantly, we have intentionally not permanently integrated this component into the orthotic shell to accommodate significant variables in the athlete’s daily life.

  • It ensures an ideal orthotic fit in sports shoes with varying design characteristics, such as heel counters, shoe drops, midsole geometries, minimal designs, and inside volumes
  • It facilitates the seamless synergy between the “custom orthotic-sports shoe” combination, catering to athletes with different movement patterns
  • It optimally distributes compressive forces acting on the athlete’s foot and equalizes the loading on human tissues