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Our Commitment

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Our Mission

Our dedication to efficient, natural locomotion is ingrained in our DNA. We believe that every "stride" - which philosophically reflects human evolution - should be effective, with every movement optimized to anticipate and mitigate risks. This enables every athlete, regardless of their activity level, to thrive in their pursuit of greatness and well-being. We hold nature in high regard as the ultimate and essential playground for every human on Earth. Therefore, we innovate responsibly with a minimal environmental footprint.

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Custom Carbon

Our Vision

The progressive transition to agriculture and technological revolution forces us to live away from our true nature, restricts the full expression of our inclinations and instincts, and therefore cannot satisfy our deepest desires. With mutual respect for humans and the natural environment that surrounds us, we responsibly acknowledge our innate desire for physical exercise and progress - through athletic performance - as the instinctive effort to achieve bliss. We envision and pursue with our work a world where athletes transcend boundaries, gaining innumerable and well-documented psychosomatic benefits, where technology seamlessly supports their journey, and where the environment flourishes in tandem. With every stride propelled, every injury averted, and every sustainable choice made, we inch closer to this collective aspiration.

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How it Works

After 22 years of documented clinical practice and feedback from thousands of athletes, we have developed an original, orthotic insole prescription algorithm, the Adaptive Biomechanics Concept (ABC). A continuously adapting decision tree, fed with analytical data from the athlete and his activity. Aspiring to make our products accessible to every athlete, we developed applications from well-established technologies, including our AI-powered software trained with data from over 4500 athletes.

How it Works. Step 1

The athlete selects the orthotic model that best serves their needs. In a secure environment, the purchase is completed using a debit or credit card. A payment verification email is sent, accompanied by a link leading to a specially configured personal data collection form.

How it Works. Step 2

A user-friendly web platform guides the athlete through a concise questionnaire, applying the principles of the "Adaptive Biomechanics Concept." This helps collect vital information, which informs the customization process of the sports orthotic insoles.

How it Works. Step 3

Our web-AR application, incorporating machine vision, directs users to record a video of their feet using the camera on any smartphone or tablet. All data are automatically uploaded to our database to begin the customization process in our lab.

Our Specialized Products

We manufacture every single custom orthotic as a unique work of art and a masterpiece of engineering
Elaborately, we manipulate state-of-the-art materials and technologies without compromise
We aim to unravel your true potential on your instinctive pursuit of greatness and well-being


Book a Consultation

Not sure of the orthotic model that will cover your needs in full, or you think that you should discuss special health issues plus other concerns, which may affect the choice of the specialised orthotic model? You can always schedule a meeting with us. We are always available to help you with one goal. Your complete satisfaction, from a fully customized and hassle-free application, which will take your sports experience to the next level and that will elevate your performance, with safety and comfort.

Custom Insole Innovations


Custom Insole Innovations



Testimonials Profile

I decided to trust Stelios Petroutsos, suffering from a running injury and having struggled for quite some time with treatments that focused more on the symptom and not the cause of the problem. Mr. Petroutsos, himself a high-level runner, focused on the cause from the beginning, with a targeted strength training program and with very clear instructions for a gradual return to my activity, distance running. Now my condition is getting better and better and I feel that I am on the right track. Stelios Petroutsos have my hearty recommendation to anyone facing a similar problem. 

Stelios F.
Testimonials Profile When the physiotherapist is also an athlete, then you have the ideal combination of approach to any of your running peculiarities or injuries.....!!! Konstantinos T.
Testimonials Profile

Unbelievable professionalism and awesome scientific knowledge of his stuff! After one and only consultation and following his instructions, to the letter, within 3 weeks I managed to achieve what I couldn't, trying everything, a year now since my injury! The commitment but also the way he approaches his incidents (being a high-level athlete himself) I believe is the key to success for full recovery and quick reintegration into the activity. 🙏🙏🙏.

Despoina V.
Testimonials Profile Excellent Professional with deep knowledge of his subject, which is not limited to what each of us usually assumes. At the same time, his personal involvement in high-level sports, combined with his experience, creates the right ground for honest deep and realistic discussions...on chronic issues, peculiarities and limitations concerning the body and not only, especially when the patient .. he is an athlete. I have been receiving his instructions and advice on the chronic issues that concern me for some time now and every time he successfully focuses on the heart of the problem that arises, so that my daily life is improved. He remains humble, faithful to his science and honest. There are few professionals in the field who combine all these... Vasilios Z.
Testimonials Profile What about Stelios Petroutsos? Just a guru!!! The second is ten places behind. Absolute connoisseur of his science, gives you immediate solutions. Plus we speak the same language as he is also a claims runner! I highly recommend him. Christos K.
Testimonials Profile

Excellent and serious professional. I went to Stelios a few weeks ago because of a chronic problem with abdominal pain while running. After a thorough examination and history taking, Stelios identified the problem, suggested custom carbon insoles and exercises, and since then, the problem has occurred less and less, and I'm sure that as long as I continue to follow his advice, it will disappear completely.

George K.
Testimonials Profile

Excellent professional and highly qualified. His approach, with custom carbon insoles, helped me not only to overcome the Achilles problem but also to be able to run again.

Stelio, thank you very much 🙏🙏

Thanasis M.
Testimonials Profile

My initial contact with my colleague Stelios Petroutsos, took place years ago, during my training in clinical biomechanics under him. I consider him a pioneer in this field and if his morals, his contagiousness and his knowledge reflect at least his work at CCP, then we are talking about one of the best physical therapists in Athens.

John S.
Testimonials Profile

Fantastic and very good at his job!!! I was looking for a solution, for several years!!! He found the problem and we solved it with custom insoles, made of 100% carbon fibers. Now I visit once a year for a review!!! Just perfect!!!

Theodore K.
Testimonials Profile

Excellent professional, excellent subject matter expert and very basic, that he is a high level athlete himself.

Chris A.
Testimonials Profile

Mr. Petroutsos is excellent with enormous knowledge. He fixed my legs and my psychology, with carbon insoles, specially made for me, after a meniscus that I was afraid to run... he loves his work and it shows, he pays attention to the smallest detail, I highly recommend him!

Mak S.
Testimonials Profile

The contribution of the CCP and the Scientist Stelios Petroutsos, in dealing with my daughter's problem was catalytic, as he dealt with her case diligently, demonstrating professionalism, consistency and practical interest, thus contributing to the achievement of the best possible result.

Evangelos Th.
Testimonials Profile

Excellent, immediate solution to the problem with full explanation, follow up and construction of EXCELLENT custom made, carbon insoles for running shoes, with an incredible fit for someone with a lot of foot strain from long distance racing.

John K.
Testimonials Profile

Stelios Petroutsos is excellent, after detailed history taking and full control of my anatomy

problem, he assured me that he would give me a solution and now I'm in phase of carbon insoles fit and I feel great, within 11/2 months. Thank you very much Stelios. See you, good luck.

Kriton M.
Testimonials Profile

The right person, completely satisfied, I will continue to have communication and cooperation on matters concerning sports orthotic insoles.

Vasileios G.
Testimonials Profile

I especially thank CCP for the excellent result of the orthotic insoles he made for me in the case of plantar fasciitis that had been bothering me for a long time! A combination of knowledge, kindness, and service! I highly recommend him!

Vicky A.
Testimonials Profile

Apart from Mr. Petroutso's quality in purely medical matters, I would like to dwell on what impressed me the most during my interaction with him. He is characterized by humanity, kindness and real interest in the patient he is dealing with. From the first moment I visited his place, he made me feel comfortable - being extremely friendly and reassuring about my medical issue. In my case, he fitted me custom carbon-made orthotics, detailed instructions on how to use them as well as suggested exercises - stretching. The most impressive thing, however, is that he calls me periodically to see how I'm doing and if I see improvement. An unprecedented, heartfelt interest from a human doctor. Thank you doctor.

Yiannis V.
Testimonials Profile

Good Evening! I have a serious health problem with my feet and while I had visited many doctors with force platform devices use, no one managed to solve my problem except for Mr. Stelios Petroutsos who treated me with the best outdoor carbon insoles separately for each foot but also his awesome knowledge!! In addition to being an excellent person, he is a great doctor, athlete and scientist!!! I recommend him unreservedly and we are honored to have such doctors in our country with such knowledge!!! In my opinion he is the top doctor of his kind!!!

Eleftherios K.
Testimonials Profile

I have visited Mr. Petroutsos several times for various discomforts that I had from time to time during my sport. Always, after discussion and examination of the problem, the solution was found, most of the time not involving rest and taking anti-inflammatories. At the last visit, a permanent problem that was bothering me in the Achilles was solved with the use of carbon-made custom orthopedic insoles, made by Mr. Petroutsos. Being an athlete himself, he knows very well the psychology of amateur athletes like me.

Evrotas N.
Testimonials Profile

Whoever loves running, going to visit this MAN to get custom-made insoles or even to have his scientific opinion knowledge, is a gift for himself! Whatever I say is little! If my feet had eyes, then they were blind and now they saw! Thanks for everything !

Zissis D.
Testimonials Profile

Anyone who loves running sports owes it to himself to visit CCP - even better as a precaution, before any injuries occur. Stelios, with his thorough scientific training, he inspires confidence, helps and guides, and also completes the support with orthotic insoles. I thank him and recommend him unreservedly!

Myrsini S.
Testimonials Profile

Excellent scientist with perfect training and knowledge of the subject. He goes through each injury thoroughly and gives a detailed rehabilitation program (or appropriate insoles if needed). It inspires confidence and the results prove it. Continue your offer!!! Thanks.

Christos F.
Testimonials Profile An athlete or an athlete involved in sports - let alone running - MUST consult the CCP to resolve (any) musculoskeletal problem that may arise, without a second thought.
With severe knee pains and a diagnosis of magnetic chondropathy, bone swelling, baker's cyst, patella dislocation and after going through 9 months of treatment in a public hospital, with no result and then 2 months of treatment with another physiotherapist using a diamagnetic pump, equally without result, I decided (too late unfortunately for me), to visit the CCP.
It only took 2 visits to "resurrect" me - as I put it - telling me at the end: "if you apply them correctly, you will never have to see me again!!!"
June the 1st visit, July the 2nd, with 2 months of faithful application of what he said, the pains are gone, I continue the normal activity of running - at an intense pace - both on the road and in the mountains, without pains and more mature with his advice!
Stelios is an excellent scientist who wins you over.
Evangelos M.
Testimonials Profile After a diagnosis I had in my right knee for bone swelling and grade 4 chondropathy and in combination with extremely tight iliac bands on both ends, we ended up after a foot check-measurement to wear CCP Orthotic insoles to avoid such a problem and possible injuries again!
3 months later I am running faster more comfortably and after a 105km race my legs were in perfect condition!
Alexandros T.

Materials & Methods

We consider each of our constructions as a unique work of art and a masterpiece of engineering. For this reason, we carefully select and continuously develop innovative materials and methods without making a single compromise. This allows us to produce products that exhibit properties never before seen on a global scale.

We stay constantly updated on new material technologies and advanced manufacturing techniques. Simultaneously, we study various sports and process data from AI, as well as feedback from athletes who use our prototype products. Our singular goal is to provide specialized, customized, and entirely safe orthotic insoles that are athlete-friendly, practical, and useful for everyone, regardless of their activity or fitness level.

Ceramic Top Cover

Top Cover

  • Strong ceramic print adds excellent wear resistance, preserves the cover color, and delivers outstanding anti-slip performance Special channels in the coating design redirect moisture deep into the material, maintaining a dry and comfortable climate inside the shoe
  • In case the shoe becomes wet, maximum yet safe anti-slip properties are automatically activated Foot stability inside the shoe, thereby preventing excessive and uncomfortable tightening of the laces
  • Enhances the ‘drive’ and ‘grip’ of sports shoes over time
  • It offers unparalleled comfort during long-term use and prevents blackened nails, blisters, and calluses from forming
  • It minimizes the unnecessary activity of the accessory foot muscles, thus improving running economy and preventing toe muscle cramps
  • It protects against foot twisting (ankle sprain) inside the shoe and on technical terrain with extremely steep slopes (foot sprain).

LAR-Midlayer - “Reads” Athlete’s Needs


An innovative product of nanotechnology is embedded into every orthotic model we produce, placed between the orthotic shell and the ceramic upper cover. This midsole transforms the orthotic shell into a “living organism” that can adjust its properties by “reading” the athlete’s instantaneous needs.
  • It changes its compressibility in response to variations in the rate or intensity of the compressive loads, a feature termed “Load Adaptive Response” (LAR) Under mild exercise conditions, the LAR-Midlayer remains soft, ensuring the athlete enjoys a comfortable and restful experience
  • During intense activity, the LAR-Midlayer becomes rigid, unveiling the unique properties of the carbon orthotic shell, like bending, twisting, and compression stiffness, without any compromise
  • It greatly mitigates the tissue vibration resonance phenomenon — responsible for neuromuscular fatigue which can lead to muscle cramping, tendinopathy, periostitis, and bone swelling
  • It reduces the metabolic “debt” accrued during training, aiding in optimal musculoskeletal recovery between frequent training sessions

Orthotic Shell Design - Straight from the Future


An individual and unique mold is created after foot scanning. Using this mold, the orthotic shell is constructed, allowing for customization with millimeter precision to ensure a completely safe and ergonomic fit.
  • Guided by AI, we employ a unique combination of weaving and overlapping techniques on the mold using pre-impregnated (with aerospace-standard resins) carbon, Kevlar, and nylon fabrics. These materials are then cured in an oven under vacuum pressure conditions
  • Each orthotic shell exhibits diverse and case-specific properties in terms of rigidity and elasticity along different motion planes
  • It reduces the rate of progressive deterioration of the sports shoe’s characteristics, especially during activities of extended duration or through cumulative use over time
  • Our super lightweight construction offers unmatched durability. It doesn’t break, deform, and therefore never requires replacement

Innovative Orthotic Forefoot Design


The human foot is rich in nerves, blood vessels, and other sensitive tissues. That’s why the design of the front part of the orthosis is crucial for us; it shouldn’t merely aim to occupy space within the shoe. Through modifications to the 3D printing process, we have achieved two practically incompatible conditions. The anterior part of the orthotic insole enhances the construction’s performance (bending/torsion resistance, stability, and drive) while simultaneously providing comfort and safety to the sensitive tissues beneath the metatarsals.
  • Progressive layering printing, which optimizes load distribution Custom-curve formation in printing, facilitating the forward movement of the foot (drive)
  • AI-driven printing orientation allows for case-specific, mixed properties along different motion planes
  • Intelligent cell network design in the broader area of the metatarsals (with varying geometric shapes for each case) enhances the construction’s bending and torsion resistance while maintaining elasticity in compression to protect the metatarsals from compressive forces
  • Customized design suitable for use in various sports and on different terrains, including indoor halls, roads, and technical trails

Removable Parts - Fully Customized Experience

Heel lift

The rear, flat-bottomed heel lifter is printed with pre-defined specifications to guarantee an ergonomic and stable fit of the orthotic insole inside the shoe. Importantly, we have intentionally not permanently integrated this component into the orthotic shell to accommodate significant variables in the athlete’s daily life.

  • It ensures an ideal orthotic fit in sports shoes with varying design characteristics, such as heel counters, shoe drops, midsole geometries, minimal designs, and inside volumes
  • It facilitates the seamless synergy between the “custom orthotic-sports shoe” combination, catering to athletes with different movement patterns
  • It optimally distributes compressive forces acting on the athlete’s foot and equalizes the loading on human tissues

Leonardo Da Vinci

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication"

Frequently Asked Questions

What make the custom carbon orthotic insoles unique?

The Custom Carbon Orthotic Insoles are uniquely tailored to your needs, optimizing athletic performance and comfort. They revolutionize traditional foot correction methods, working seamlessly with your sports shoes. Crafted with aerospace grade resins, they ensure durability without the need for replacements. Versatile and secure, they adapt to different shoes and provide unparalleled comfort. These insoles reduce the risk of fatigue and injuries, thanks to their innovative design. They’re eco-friendly, minimizing waste and extending the life of your sports shoes. For athletes seeking top-notch performance and comfort, these insoles are the ideal choice. See Our Selection!

How can the custom carbon orthotic insoles improve my athletic performance?

They boost your athletic performance by optimizing your footwear for superior comfort and safety. Through fine-tuning your stride and customization of our insoles to your unique needs, effectively improves energy, reduces the risk of injury, and expedites recovery between workouts. Using advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, the insoles provide unmatched durability, lightness, and support. They reduce tissue resonance and neuromuscular fatigue, while the personalized design ensures a perfect fit. Overall, the custom carbon orthotic insoles are your key to achieving peak athletic performance while prioritizing comfort, safety, and sustainability.

Can the custom carbon orthotic insoles protect me from injuries?

They are designed to offer significant protection against injuries for athletes. The custom carbon orthotic insoles are not just corrective but preventive, designed to work in synergy with your sports shoes. These insoles optimize your biomechanics, reducing the risk of overuse injuries and abnormal gait. Running economy and energetics are enhance, while reducing chances of fatigue-related injuries like muscle cramps, tendinopathy, and stress fractures. Their ability to secure the foot within the shoe, along with durability, ensures ongoing protection, making them an excellent choice for athletes looking to prevent injuries and perform at their best. 

Can you help me choose the right product?

We are here to help you choose the right product tailored to your specific needs. If you’re uncertain about which orthotic model suits you best or have unique health considerations that may impact your choice, you can book a consultation with us. Our primary goal is to ensure a fully customized and simple process. Our specialists are readily available to assist you in making the right choice for your needs.

Will the orthotic insole fit in my shoe?

The orthotic insole is meticulously designed to seamlessly fit into your shoe. Once you’ve selected the orthotic model that aligns with your specific needs, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a personalized data collection form. We collect essential information about your requirements, ensuring that the orthotic insole will be perfectly compatible with your footwear. Get yours!

Are the custom carbon orthotic insoles designed for durability?

The core of the custom carbon orthotic insoles is designed to not break, deform or deteriorate over time or due to extensive use. Therefore, we guarantee that they will not require replacement. The orthotic insoles never fold inside the shoe, even under the most extreme conditions of use, they secure the athlete’s foot in the shoe, while at the same time provide an unparalleled feeling of comfort under the metatarsals and toes. Transform your athletic performance!

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