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Pioneering Innovation

Our dedication to efficient, seamless human locomotion is embedded in our DNA. We believe that every “stride” – which philosophically reflects human evolution – should be effective, with every movement optimized to prevent and minimize risks. This enables every athlete, regardless of their activity level, to thrive in their pursuit of greatness and well-being.

We strongly advocate that the mother of science is imagination, and that the step-parents of innovation are philosophy and art. This is why we leveraged clinical biomechanics science, analytical data collection, advanced algorithms, and cutting-edge technology to effectively combine different, innovative materials. Through a methodical, multi-year course of testing with elite, competitive, and amateur athletes, we have reached the most advanced version of our project. We can proudly claim that, for the first time, we design custom orthotic insoles that provably adapt to the properties of the shoes, exactly to match the characteristics of the athlete.

Revolutionizing performance

Aside from being innovative scientists, we also happen to be competitive athletes ourselves. We know firsthand what it takes to constantly strive for improvement. This is why we have developed our innovative solutions, focusing on an undeniable assumption: the key to achieving the desired long-term training adaptations is to ensure the unhindered application of the training stimulus by optimizing the performance of each step forward, thus reducing the required time for recovery between workouts and minimizing the risk of overuse injuries.

The greatest commitment but also technological challenge for us was to make our innovative creations accessible to all athletes on this planet. We managed to add the missing link without a single compromise by developing the first user-friendly application that allows for the accurate collection of all necessary data from history taking and clinical examination. Now, we can unconditionally apply our sophisticated algorithms to design personalized and highly specialized sports insoles. Because we praise nature as the ultimate and necessary “playground” for everyone on Earth, we produce responsibly, minimizing our environmental footprint.

Ancient Greece is considered the birthplace of sports, and in particular, the mother of the Olympic Games held in Olympia to honor the god Zeus. Ancient Greek distance runners were the first to introduce the use of sandals to their advantage in running events. We believe that the technology of sports injury prevention and performance enhancement through athletic footwear should become a Greek cause once again and revive names from ancient Greece and its rich mythology.


The inspirer and creator of the Custom Carbon Project (CCP) is Stelios Petroutsos, a clinical physiotherapist specialized in sports and musculoskeletal rehabilitation with extensive experience and in-depth academic knowledge in the study of human movement. He is also a dedicated endurance running athlete with numerous completions and podium finishes in mountain running and road marathon events in Greece and abroad. His personal best in the road marathon is 2:39:15.

After graduating from the Technological Institute of Athens, Stelios moved to Australia to obtain a demanding Master’s (MSc) degree in “Sports & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation” in 2004 and an Honors degree in “Clinical Biomechanics” in 2005. He then passed special examinations to obtain the distinctive professional title “Sports Physio,” which allowed him to work with premium sports medicine clinics and Aussie rules football teams, gaining valuable experience in the field.

Aspiring to introduce the pioneering Australian para-medical culture to his hometown, Stelios established a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinic in Athens in 2010. He also taught biomechanics to hundreds of physical therapy students within the University of Thessaly and continues to train allied health professionals through private seminars around Europe, focusing on the prescription and development of custom orthotic insoles.

Crafting the Future of Custom Insoles

A restless spirit with a passion and vision for his science, and driven by concerns born from his teaching, Stelios devised the “Adaptive Biomechanics Concept” – a comprehensive model for the prescription and manufacture of custom orthotic sports insoles. From 2012 to the present day, he has been teaching his methodology to hundreds of healthcare clinicians, and through systematic feedback gained from thousands of clinical sports applications, he has documented the effectiveness of his method. Simultaneously, he took up slalom windsurfing extensively and preferred to conduct repairs on his equipment himself. This led him to become familiar with working with carbon fiber and Kevlar fabrics, enabling him to delve into their study and experiment with the manufacture of carbon-made custom orthotics.

Stelios had the honor of participating as one of five elite international scientists in the research and development of a road running shoe model for a well-known shoe manufacturer from 2018 to 2021. During this period, he gained in-depth knowledge of the technologies and future design trends in the athletic shoe industry, which helped him understand and incorporate the missing link in every orthotic application: the interaction between the characteristics of the custom insole and the properties of the sports shoe, relative to the athlete.

Amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 era, he invested his spare time in perfecting the development of carbon orthotics. He accessed advanced software to study material behavior and used 3D-printing technology to create the most improved version of this continually evolving project. As a result, he can now manufacture custom orthotic sports insoles that demonstrate innovations and unique properties on a global scale. Recognizing the authenticity and effectiveness of his innovative methodology in the midst of various approaches worldwide, and also embracing the emerging need for a sustainable planet, Stelios Petroutsos took responsibility for making CCP’s innovative technology accessible to everyone on the planet. Allied with the now established technologies of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the rest is now “his-story.”